We will support your transition from a community focused on professional development to professional learning community, from information learning to transformational learning.

In becoming a dynamic, learning focused organisation in which all members are provided with every opportunity to evolve each day to realize their full potential, we can we can help:

  • Restructuring  from formal hierarchy into informal learning-focused relationships;
  • Developing the awareness  for compassionate conversations, the skills for effective dialogue and the discernment to effectively balance dialogue and discussion;
  • Fostering the high levels of trust and psychological safety essential for effective high-challenge learning, and help you identify and remove the behaviors and practices which are blocking this;
  • Establishing leaders as lead learners and facilitators of your community learning culture;
  • Adding value to the attributes and skills of effective learning and collaboration;
  • Establishing internal evidence generation and evidence engagement, including research generation and research centres;
  • Establishing external research engagement and innovation partnerships;
  • Embedding approaches and techniques for monitoring and nurturing the learning community and the individuals within it.
From Professional Development Practice to Professional Learning Community imageFrom Professional Development Practice to Professional Learning Community image