Paul Magnuson

Paul attributes much of his innovation in teaching and learning to 20 years of summer camp experience. Never underestimate the power of learning when unfettered from school rules! Years of experience in school improvement with US federal education programs, coupled with classroom teaching Kindergarten through graduate school in multiple areas, e.g. languages, ESL, applied linguistics, and leadership, bring both perspective and depth. Since 2008 Paul has held several roles at an elite Swiss boarding school, the Leysin American School (e.g. gaining direct experience with middle school and summer school leadership, accreditation systems, and professional development through action research.

Paul holds a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Minnesota, a ScrumMaster certification in Agility, and a belief that we all can build on our current practice to create incredible learning organisations. There is more about Paul on his website for consulting (and offbeat children's stories) at Magnuson EdStudio